Here you get the best meals in the town for your taste buds.

Dining hero

When you take a short walk into our beautiful and elegant restaurant, you will see why it is the place for your dinner. We have a great view and a relaxing atmosphere. We make every minute worth it with us.

We present the Top 10 Best Breakfasts in London

If you are considering what options you would have for a great breakfast area, we’ve helped you narrow them to a group of top 10s. We have a great list of breakfast menus to help you start your day. This is to enable you to start your day well and deliciously.

Chef Wonder

Want to know the secret behind the rich tasty meals served at Brighton Pagoda? We have the best chef team who comes up with a great meal idea to meet your desires. Visit our restaurant and see for yourself that we are the country’s finest chefs.

Afternoon tea at the Brighton’s Pagoda

We have many comfortable areas including soft couches to keep you relaxed for a comfortable afternoon tea. If you have a private meeting and you need to stay apart from other groups. An expedition with us will light up your afternoons.

Best vegan menus in London

There has been a surprising increase in the number of vegetarians in the country. People now are opting for healthy meal alternatives and it is rare to find restaurants serving them their needs.

Here at Brighton Pagoda, we have everything from the burgers served with afternoon tea and other fine vegetarian menus that would even attract the addicted carnivorous diners to want to try them out.

What is your delight?

If you are thinking of enjoying great meals, Brighton Pagoda has the finest Italian, Australian and other intercontinental recipes. We boast of hosting the best chefs, in-house DJ, and the best scenery. If you are a lover of art, we have the best art installations to keep you entertained while you eat. It just can’t get better than with us.

Best five course casino dinners in London

If you are an avid gambler and looking for some of the best meals in London, look no further. We have compelled a list of the best brick and mortar casinos that also offer online casinos where you can enjoy some of the best dishes this city has to offer. Enjoy a few spins at the best live roulette in the UK between a bite of your prime wagyu beef and some delicious burrata. Even if you are not a casino player, we recommend visiting one in person or a live casino from the comfort of your home.

Best festive meals in London

If you are big on celebrating special holidays ranging from Christmas, the Easter bunnies or even food festival, we have everything. We are specially crafted meals that are seasoned to match each celebration and don’t be surprised if you see a Christmas evening at our restaurant. We are big on creating the best festive interiors to give you a fairy tale experience.

Book a table

If you are thinking of your next meal, book a table with us and have a first-hand experience on what a great meal involves.