When you visit the Brighton Pagoda, a warm welcome awaits you.

We believe that a lovely meal doesn’t have to be complicated. Everything we do is so simple and we make you feel comfortable by adding quality, fresh ingredients as well as our skill to give you the greatest taste.

We have an excellent team making sure that you get the best service and meals. At Brighton Pagoda, we give you the perfect casual atmosphere at any time of the day and even on special occasions.

You can choose to join us for your brunch, or have a working lunch and also a lovely dinner. We have prepared for you anything that you fancy and we will make sure you get to spend the best time at our restaurant.

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We have the perfect environment and atmosphere to make your dining a wonderful experience. Our restaurant meets up with world-class standards as well as top-notch facilities. We strive to make sure that you get everything you need. We have excellent customer service support that is always available to attend to your needs.

When next you are thinking of having a great meal and deciding on the restaurant with a list of mouth-watering options, you should come to our restaurant. We will always be happy to attend to you with our lovely menus.